Strategy and planning - 'benchtest' strategy reviews - strategy advice, analysis & development - Strategy Workshop facilitation - Key Message development - development of comms and engagement strategies & plans Branding & Corporate Image - Strategic Narrative development - Vision/Mission/Charter/ Values/Tagline development - brand design - reputation management strategy & advice Media Relations - Public Affairs strategy advice - tactical message development (campaign or issue-centric) - campaign management - media releases & editorial copy writing Community Engagement - Stakeholder negotiations - key messages - community meeting facilitation - facilitation of stakeholder discussions/negotiations


Strategy and planning - 'benchtest' strategy reviews - workforce comms strategy development & advice Workforce Negotiations - negotiation positioning advice - negotiation leadership & facilitation - workforce communications planning & message development - management negotiation mentoring


- personal narratives - leadership USP - personal brand messaging

We provide integrated advice, that is practical and

focused on application.

We get our clients to the starting line, stay with

them as they run their race, and make sure they

have the executable skills to win.

We believe reputation is everything. We believe every message you send - both explicit and implicit - affects how others perceive you and behave towards you. All of our consulting is reputation-centred and aligned with your highest level organisational vision and goals.
our consulting approach
every message counts
key consulting areas
We do things differently
We don’t simply consult to clients; we transfer skills to clients, and increase their internal capability. We don't give ‘off-the-shelf’ advice, because no two problems are ever the same. We create traction for clients’ strategies and energise change. We aim constantly to provide advice that moves our clients to a better space.