At GroupEMC, we believe Reputation is Everything!

We are committed to making a positive difference to every client’s reputation and to their business success.

We believe in moving our clients to a ‘better space’ - personally and professionally, organisationally and individually.

Our Approach to Leadership & Strategic Communications

Everything we do is tied to a very simple Attitude & Behavioural Change Model, incorporating three points of connection with your audience Brain-Heart-Body Cognition-Emotion-Action Reasoning-Feeling-Doing We believe that only a strategy-based, leadership-driven approach, that integrates all 3 of these aspects of communication and connection, will create real traction and drive real results. Our proven approach delivers the energy to your organisation's strategic mass and rapidly drives it forward e=mc2 We ensure that our clients combine the heads, hearts and actions of their customers, employees or other key stakeholders they need to influence and build reputation with. Our role is to help individuals achieve their KPI's and organisations to reach their goals, through persuading your audience (your stakeholders) to take positive action toward you, your brand or your initiative. Our aim is to turn your strategy into their behaviour.
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