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GroupEMC - strengthening reputations of organisations and individual leaders  At GroupEMC we believe crafting and delivering messages that fail to change behaviour is a waste of time, energy, resources and money.   There are plenty of media and public relations 'gurus' out there who can offer you tactical advice.  But if they aren't producing results that alter people's attitude or behaviour to your brand, your issue, then you are just getting ’bumper sticker’ advice. We believe in adding real value.  We are committed to making a positive difference to your reputation and your business.  That's how we have built ours. Our role is to help individuals and organisations reach their goals, through persuading your stakeholders (your audience) to take positive action toward you, your brand or your initiative.  Our aim is to turn your strategy into their behaviour. every message counts What you say, how you say it, what you don't say, how you look, how you act, how you feel and make them feel - all send messages to your audiences - those who are already for you, as well as those you are yet to convert. training page training page