Mitchell Innes Senior Consultant
Mitchell Innes has over 25 years in the communications and engagement business, originally as a journalist then in a range of senior external affairs and communications roles across a range of sectors.
He is exceptional at sensing strategic business and external needs, and targets his efforts at strengthening reputations and developing value-creating opportunities for organisations. Mitchell specialises in Strategic Reputation Management, Stakeholder Consultation and Corporate Communications strategies and planning.
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Michelle (Shelly) Sorrell Director I
Warren Clarke Director I
Warren is a recognised expert in the fields of crisis management, reputation leadership, stakeholder management, corporate comms. and cut-through messaging. Warren trains and advises business and political leaders on messaging that strengthens their credibility and maximises their enduring reputation.  He has worked extensively with Boards and senior management teams to manage communications through crises and complex cultural change issues. And much of his work focuses on Behavioural Change Leadership in volatile political, community and shareholder landscapes.
Warren Clarke has more than 30 years experience as a professional communicator - an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and news producer, and for the past 10 years, a sought-after media and communications consultant.
Michelle Sorrell has an extensive background in business management, strategic business planning, and strategic marketing, branding and communications.  
Michelle specialises in creating and aligning high-level business strategies and visions with effective practical implementation pathways. Michelle brings to clients targeted expertise in developing leadership communications and change management capabilities and creating powerful organisation-wide strategies to effectively deliver key messages to selected target markets or audiences, and drive strategic change.