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• branding & reputational leadership • communications strategies, planning & reviews • strategy meeting facilitation • crisis leadership & communications advice • leadership coaching & mentoring • media strategy & messaging advice • key message development • media interview preparing/rehearsing
We turn your strategy into positive audience behaviours and make every message count.
• presentation & pitch preparations • speeches & copy writing • proofing & editing • writing coaching • team profiling • workforce engagement, communication & negotiation • stakeholder analysis - sentiment & core beliefs • stakeholder and community engagement strategies


• media skills • public speaking • presenting • communications | crisis • writing skills and proof-reading

At GroupEMC, we believe every message counts...

... That your reputation is driven by your track record (the things you do) plus the stories others tell about you.

Our   services   are   focused   on   creating   the   insights,   strategies,   plans,   and   skills   within   your   organisation   to   ensure   your   communications   are   aligned to achieve your strategic intentions and hit the targets of your audience... ... So that your reputation is enhanced and uplifted by your communications, through every story and every message you send.
every message counts
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