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BOOK - Core Beliefs: Harnessing the Power

Core Beliefs are deep-seated perceptions that everyone has about the world in which we live. They influence every decision we make in whatever role we may fulfil. Falling foul of these perceptual filters will result in your communication strategy being ineffective. This book explains the formation of Core Beliefs and how to use them to best communicate (and control) your message.


BOOK - Personality & Performance

Why is it that some individuals succeed and others fail? Why do some of the most successful people live miserably? How is it that you can be fluent and persuasive in one meeting and tongue-tied in another? What is your personality’s unique formula for success? What is your life Quest and are you on track? Personality and Performance is an easy-to-read book that offers answers to these questions and gives the reader practical insights into the uniqueness of their personality and how to develop it for maximum performance.


Neuro Power

Do you ever wonder what makes you – and others – tick? Well, the good news is that through neuroscience we are beginning to understand the inner workings of the most mysterious organ in the body: the human brain. In this book, Peter Burow presents an intriguing, highly detailed exploration of human personality, integration, consciousness and nobility through the application of the Four Maxims of NeuroPower.