“Excellent presentation and was engaging for participants. Would gladly recommend to other executive staff.”
“Fantastic, practical advice and experience.”
Writing skills coaching (one:one, customised coaching program)
every message counts
media training overview

Executive Media Coaching

(1 day workshop - up to 8

people): Our flagship media

skills program, this training has

helped thousands of executives

become confident and

compelling spokespeople. It

provides practical skills and

easy-to-remember formulas for

managing interviews and

ensuring your messages hit

their target every time.

Media Interviews Intensive

(1/2 day workshop - up to 4

people): Advanced practice

workshops for experienced

spokespeople, or those needing

a refresher, to refine skills and

techniques and lift confidence.

One:one Coaching

(2-4 hour personal prac):

These individualised sessions

involve a senior journalist

helping new or experienced

executives to really hone their

skills, polish performance and

prepare for emergent issues.

our training approach

Practical and personal training, providing real

tools, and immediate up-skilling, for enhanced

leadership and communications performance.

We don’t DO  training. We    BUILD    KNOWLEDGE,    TRANSFER    SKILLS    and UPLIFT CAPABILITY. We    don’t    run    cookie-cutter    training    courses.   All    of    our training   is   delivered   in-house   for   clients,   customised   to their   context,   strategic   goals   and   current   issues,   as   well   as the needs and skills of their participants. Many   firms   offer   generic   media   and   communications   training   or coaching    advice.    But    can    they    teach    you    to    maximise    the strategic   impact   of   your   communications?   There   are   plenty   of ‘experts’   who   can   show   you   how   to   deliver   a   message   but   it's the strategy side of the equation they often miss. Call   us   today   to   discuss   your   group   size,   goals   and   needs,   and how   we   can   equip   your   people   with   immediate   and   practical communications skills improvement.
core training programs
Executive Media Coaching  day practical coaching Strategic Communication  for Leaders Crisis Leadership Executive Presenting Skills Communications for Improved  Culture & Performance Core Beliefs & Cognitive Biases Leading Difficult Conversations Introducing the Media Winning Media Releases
“EMC Media Coaching taught me more about journalism in one day than four years of study.”
“The best media training course I have ever done.”
“Excellent program, delivered by exceptionally qualified and skilled presenters - very valuable to me and my role.”